The very first huh? Umm…WTF? moment

So the whole point of this is to accumulate and share WTF moments, with that in mind, one of these very moments happened this past weekend in the College Football world. The Auburn Tigers miraculously defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide with a last minute Field Goal kick attempt return for a Touchdown, it’s just a moment you have to see. Auburn was the underdog in this game as the #4 team in the country and Alabama was the picked favorite as the #1 team in the Country. Without further ado, here it is:

The above was impressive enough, and by itself amazing, but this was Auburn just two weeks ago against Georgia:

This Auburn Team has to be one of THE luckiest teams on the face of this planet. They’re similar to the Notre Dame team when they went to the National Championship Game after quite a few last minute lucky wins, but eventually ended up losing badly in the championship game. Seminoles will be playing them, more than likely, if they make to the BCS National Championship game, and more than likely beat them.

Since we are talking SEC Football, there is one little gem that has to be shared about Florida Gators as well where the Florida linemen were too busy blocking themselves to block the opposing team. As you can imagine, they lost the game. Did I mention they paid Georgia Southern Eagles, an FCS team, $550,000 to beat them? Yeah, clearly not their year:

After watching the Gators…how can you not go…ummmm…WTF?

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